Who is buying into Lotus F1?

A rather curious development over at Lotus. One wonders why asset laden countries like Brunei haven’t been targeted by countries before now. Plus, a company like Infinity Racing springing out of nowhere could taste like a not so kosher deal.


When Ayrton first drove for Williams


I took this shot of Frank Williams and Ayrton Senna shortly before Ayrton’s first F1 drive – his Williams FWO8C test at Donington in July, 1983.  There was no thought of an official “media announcement” or anything like that – both of them actually needed quite a lot of persuasion to pose by the race truck!  Note Ayrton’s Porsche t-shirt06-15-2013_24

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Is Canada’s Grand Prix in jeopardy?

Montreal race comes under threat yet again…

Global News

MONTREAL – Ziggy Eichenbaum’s bar is a real draw on Crescent Street and he estimates a full third of his annual business comes from the week of the Canadian Grand Prix.

The Formula One race has been an economic boon for Montreal, with an economic impact of about $90 million a year. But recent stalled discussions have clouded the future of the race, whose contract is up next year.

“We’re worried about that,” he said. “We don’t know if the government of Quebec or Ottawa are going to say,  ‘well, it’s not bringing us anything, let’s bail out.'”

Both the provincial and federal governments say they’re trying to keep the race, and sign onto a contract that would keep it in Montreal through 2024. But federal officials indicated Wednesday they weren’t willing to put up any amount of money to keep the race.

“We will work with the promoter and…

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Pirelli test secrecy – James Bond… or Johnny English?

Why have Pirelli done a U-turn on their previous meticulousness? In their hope of being re-contracted for 2014 and shedding the bad publicity they’ve had in 2013, perhaps they’ve gone a step (or two, if Ferrari broke rules as well) too far?

Adam Cooper's F1 Blog

In Friday’s Pirelli teleconference Paul Hembery did his best to dismiss suggestions that the Barcelona Mercedes test was a “secret,” notwithstanding the fact that neither the other competitors nor the FIA were informed about it.

The story only emerged after a third party supplier, someone seemingly not bound by the conspiracy of silence woven by Pirelli and Mercedes, mentioned it to the governing body.

Pirelli may blame the media for emphasising it, but the level of secrecy involved is an issue that the FIA will be looking at as it examines the Ferrari and Mercedes tests, and considers whether the contracted tyre company has fulfilled its obligation to maintain sporting equity.

“Some people have described the test as secret,” said Hembery on Friday. “Well, I don’t think we would have won any James Bond prizes, because we booked the circuit in our name, two days after an F1 race.


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